Phil Glenn, RPT

  • Piano and harpsichord tuning
  • Regulating and voicing
  • Repairs and parts replacements
  • Humidity control systems installation
  • Skilled expertise with all major brands and manufacturers
  • Head technician for University of Hawaii and Hawaii Symphony Orchestra

“We promise to work for your trust and to provide a full-service value for your investment. Our goal is to maintain and maximize your pianos performance so it can give a lifetime of joy." - Phil & Lyn Glenn, owners.

For consistency of pitch

Your piano is an extraordinary instrument which can bring you and your family a lifetime of enjoyment. The basic standard of care recommended by most piano manufacturers and technicians is to tune your piano every 6 months to a year. Pianos that are played often or used for performances may require more frequent tuning, perhaps at each seasonal change, after a move, or before an important event.
For consistency of touch

Thousands of finely engineered and crafted moving parts make up the piano action. They are responsible for the way a piano’s keys trigger the hammers to strike the strings and respond to the hands of the pianist. Over time and due to various conditions, responsiveness can waver, with one or more keys on the piano growing out of sync with the others. Regulation is the mechanical adjustment.
For Consistency of Tone

The musical tone quality, or "voice" of each piano note is ideally designed to provide an even and wide range of tone, from soft and sweet to loud and bright. Over time, some of the keys may develop a differing quality of tone - whether "darker," "brighter" or otherwise. Many factors can affect the sound you hear. Voicing is the adjustment of a piano's tone or quality of sound.
For consistency of beauty

The piano is unique among musical instruments because it also serves as fine furniture for the home. Pianos are finished with a variety of materials, each requiring a different cleaning method. Learning proper maintenance techniques will enhance its beauty and preserve the value of your piano. However, some exposed parts inside your piano are fragile, so it's best to let us clean these areas.


Reconditioning is the process of putting a piano back in good playing condition by cleaning, repairing, and adjusting for best performance with limited parts replacement where necessary to achieve a specific goal. 


Rebuilding involves complete disassembly, inspection, and repair as necessary, including replacement of worn, damaged, or deteriorated parts, in order to restore a piano to original condition or better. 


All furniture is subject to damage or wear with age.  Sunlight and humidity can also age the finish prematurely and cause spotting or fading. Refinishing returns your piano's cabinet back to its original beauty.


For many, the “Golden Age” of piano making was back in the early 1900’s. Current technology allows us to rethink some of those old designs and enhance performance. Modern pianos can also be customized with the use of boutique crafted parts. 


"Why choose Glenn’s for this important work?

I am experienced and uniquely skilled. I've probably tuned about 40,000 pianos over the last 50 years. I have worked for highly rated universities, managed technical service departments for major piano manufacturers and trained internationally as a concert technician." - Phil Glenn, RPT

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